Bali Nyepi day

OK Divers Resort & SPA - Nyepi Day of Silence

Bali’s Day of Silence - Nyepi 2018

Experience the stunning peacefulness in Padangbai

Nyepi marks the start of the New Year and the arrival of spring. The Balinese Hindus do not celebrate the coming of the new year of the Saka calendar with lavish party. They celebrate it with meditation instead.

Nyepi is a day intended for self-reflection and any activities that might disturb this are not allowed. These mandatory religious prohibitions include no pleasure (amati lelangon), no traffic (amati lelungan), no fire (amati geni) and no work (amati karya).

Nyepi Day has been a national holiday in Indonesia since 1983. The next one falls on March 17, 2018. Hotel guests and travelers in Bali need to take into consideration that on Nyepi Day, hotels won’t be able to accept any check-in nor check-out throughout the day.

If you are staying with us in OK Divers Resort & Spa in Padangbai during the Nyepi Day, kindly be informed of the below instructions:

  • The whole island will fall into silence. The silence begins at 5AM of March 17, 2018 and will go on until the next 24 hours.
  • All shops in Padangbai as well as in all Bali are closed on Nyepi Day.
  • Guests are required to stay inside the resort area.
  • Our Hotel kitchen will be closed. Guests may order meals on March 15 at the reception. Meals will be prepared on March 16 and reheated the following day.  The use of stoves for cooking is not allowed (no fire rule). However we will be able to use microwave oven to reheat meals.
  • In general, all sounds need to be kept at a minimum level : music or TV in the rooms or wherever in our premises or around the hotel pool
  • All lights have to be switched off during the day and during the night.
  • There will be no traffic on that day in the whole Bali Island.
  • The international airport Ngurah Rai will be totally closed on March 17, 2018, there will be neither arrivals nor departures in the airport on that day. All connecting airports around the globe are aware of this restriction.
  • Across all Bali, only emergency rooms and maternity sections of hospitals will be functioning. Any emergencies are taken into consideration and tolerated.

Our Resort in Padangbai will operate in a limited manner to respect and honor this important festive day. However, one day before Nyepi, merry celebrations happen in most places around the island. On this Pengerupukan Day, there will be a traditional Ogoh-Ogoh parade performed by Padangbai villagers in the evening. Ogoh-Ogoh is the manifestation of a person, an object or anything that disturbs human lives. After the parade the Ogoh-Ogoh are ceremoniously burned, and a rather loud and cheerful party follows. You are more than welcome to witness this ritual parade and the very special atmosphere of the Nyepi day. Experience the quiet and peaceful silence of Bali at OK Divers Resort & Spa in Padangbai.

Pecalang (Bali’s traditional community security guards) patrol the island’s ghost-town streets in their distinctive black-and-white-checked sarongs. If they find anyone breaking the rules and the curfew, they’ll escort them back to the Banjar (the village council-the community extension of the house and family), where they will have to pay a fine. OK Divers Resort & Spa will not pay any fine arisen by our guests not respecting the rules we have stated in our hotel during the Nyepi Day. We kindly invite you to respect this sacred day and observe these restrictions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you have any questions or concerns about the Nyepi day.